Whelen 900 Series LED Amber Turn Arrow Light

Manufacturer Part#: 01-06837383A0C

Whelen 900 series Turn Signal, Populated Arrow Shape without Flange, with 17 Flash Patterns, Amber, Left/Right Arrow

900 Series LED lightheads brake/tail/turn, combination flashing/steady- burn. Surface mount lightheads with wide angle lens optics. Brake/tail/turn models offer both steady and SignalAlert pattern. Encapsulated for heavy-duty moisture and vibration resistance.

Large size and a variety of housing and mounting options make these lightheads useful for a wide range of requirements.
Chrome plated flange mount is purchased separately. Scenelighting, brake/tail, turn arrows and back-up lighting are just a few of the choices for this versatile series.
Surface mounted, rugged LED lightheads feature 14 flash patterns including steady burn (except brake/tail models). SAE, FMVSSA certified right and left turn arrow and brake/tail. Brake/tail version includes Signal-Alert pattern for increased flash activity.
Surface mounting of any of these lightheads requires only a 3/8" wire access hole and four self-tapping screws.
Large body panel cutouts are not required preventing damaging moisture build-up over the life of your vehicle. New spreader optics provides wider light distribution.
Furnished with 6" pigtail.

Size (without flange): 7 1/8" (181mm) H x 9 1/8" (232mm) W.

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